Grandmother Shares Her Do’s and Don’ts for Grilling Ahead of July 4th Weekend

TikTok regular Babs Costello recently shared some of her favorite barbecue tips, warning of the three do’s and don’ts of grilling. First, she said you should never go into grilling season with a dirty grill. She reminded grillers to avoid using a wire brush because the bristles can shed and get into your food. Instead, she recommends using an onion. Just heat your grill, stick the onion on a fork, and scrub away. Instead of metal bristles, the onion will add a little flavor to your food. Second, right before grilling, cut a potato in half, stick it on a fork, and rub the hot grates with the cut end of the potato. The starch in the potato creates a non-stick surface. Third, Babs reminds people to check to see how much propane they have by pouring hot water over the side of the tank. When you place your hand on the side of the tank, if it’s hot, keep moving your hand down the side of the tank. When the tank feels cool, that’s where your propane level is. As for how viewers feel about Babs’ advice, as one commenter put it: “Babs is the reason I’m a functioning adult.”