A Manager at a Pennsylvania Wendy’s Created a Fake Employee and Pocketed the Wages

We’ve all heard of “ghosting” — abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation — and we recently learned about “ghost singers” in Hollywood, but “ghost employees” is a new one. Former general manager Linda Johnson, who worked at a Wendy’s restaurant in Lancaster, Penn., got really creative when she decided to create a “ghost employee” named William Bright. Between June 2021 and May 2022, she clocked the fake employee in and out and pocketed the $19,898 the non-existent employee received as a salary. She has now been arrested and charged with theft by deception. Multiple employees said they couldn’t recall ever working with someone named William Bright, and that’s for a good reason — he didn't exist. In April, Johnson admitted to police that she added Bright as an employee and created 128 shifts he didn’t work. The paychecks were then deposited into her Cashapp account. Johnson was released on bail July 20, but her current whereabouts are unknown.