This Perfectly Round Egg Could Sell For Thousands

Australian Jacqueline Felgate has found something that most people will never see: a perfectly round egg. While experts say that the chances of finding a perfectly round egg are one in a billion — even with 1,250 billion eggs produced annually — it’s rare that a round egg makes it to market. That’s because egg sorting machines normally keep the round eggs from reaching the public. The one-in-a-billion egg could sell for thousands of dollars. The last perfectly round egg sold for $1,400 in 2015. Felgate, of course, took to social media to share her “eggcellent find” and was met with some pretty hilarious puns. One commenter found the estimated price absurd: “Folks buying eggs for $1,400? That’s eggstortion!” Another piped in: “Yolkidding me!” Despite the history of round eggs drawing large sums of cash, others still have trouble believing that lightning will strike twice and that the sale of the previous egg for $1,400 was just a fluke.