These Grain Silos Are Actually a Cozy Steel Home in the Middle of Nowhere

This $1.6 million unique property in rural Washington doesn’t look like much from the outside, but its unassuming exterior conceals a stylish and cozy interior. Most people would call you crazy for even considering spending over a million dollars on four steel grain silos, but these aren’t your average grain bins. As you can see in the picture, three of the four silos are connected, which is unusual for this kind of structure. That’s because they make up a modern and spacious living space. The current occupant — a local hunter — reportedly spent $100,000 on the silos and then another $500,000 to convert them into his rather impressive summer home, which comes complete with a shooting range and freeze-proof pond. Located in Odessa, about 75 miles southwest of Spokane, the grain silo home sits on 386 acres of land and includes automated features such as lights, heating and cooling, and surveillance cameras, all controlled through a smart-home app. With the state-of-the-art security system in place, you'll be assured of safety and peace of mind wherever you are. If you’re wondering about the comfort, wonder no more. A big part of the renovation involved adding a second metallic layer inside the silos and filling the space between them with insulating material to ensure that the temperatures remain comfortable in both summer and winter.