The Jobs AI Will Take and the Jobs It Won’t

Everyone is worried about how generative artificial intelligence will change the way we work. With every new technology, there are disruptions to the job market, but something feels different about AI. Generative AI is a new type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to generate original text, images, software code, Excel formulas, and even music from a simple text prompt. Generative AI applications like ChatGPT have been "trained" on massive amounts of data and can produce human-quality content in seconds. So, will your job be replaced by AI? According to a recent study, the labor markets in both the United States and Europe could face significant disruption if AI lives up to the hype. Jobs that are most threatened include content marketers — those who produce videos and maintain social media channels for large corporations — sports and financial journalists, graphic artists, data analysts, programmers and coders, lawyers, warehouse workers, and radiologists and medical diagnosticians. Those whose jobs won’t be affected by AI include skilled trades people like plumbers and electricians, construction workers, food service workers, psychologists and counselors, school teachers, professional athletes and coaches, drivers (for now), and creative thinkers like inventors, authors and actors.