Sitting On a Goldmine: Man Buys Chair On Facebook Marketplace For $50, Auctions It Off on Sotheby’s For $85,000

Justin Miller found a leather chair on Facebook Marketplace that was being sold by a homeowner in Beverly Hills. The Danish wingback chair, dating back to the 1930s, was worth more than the sellers wanted, but Miller had no idea it would be worth 1,700 times the sale price. It turns out that the chair was created by Danish designer Frits Henningsen, who was known for his exceptional craftsmanship and innovative approach to creating beautiful furniture. The chair retains its original leather, which makes it even more valuable. Miller said he was hoping the chair would fetch around $40,000, but had no idea that when it was auctioned off on Sotheby’s, he would pocket $85,000. One of only 50 Henningsen chairs known to have been produced, the chair will still have to be restored by the new owner, as some of the leather was damaged over the years.