Sisters Secretly Place a Photo of Themselves on the Mantel at Cracker Barrel

A pair of Cracker Barrel customers decided their local restaurant needed some sprucing up, so they added a picture of themselves to the mantel. A woman identified only as Darcy took to social media to tell of her daring act. She quickly checked the surroundings before pulling a black framed photo out from underneath the table. She then casually walked up to the mantel located behind her and placed the photo atop it. The picture seemed to blend in with the surrounding decor, which included old jugs, a clock, a washboard, and other pieces of Americana. The picture was one of Darcy and her sister, dressed for farm work and holding a chicken and a pitchfork. The sisters made a follow-up trip to the restaurant a few days later and were surprised to find that their picture was still on the mantel. After making the rounds on social media, it's unlikely it will remain there.