School Teacher Who Missed 20 Years of Work Out of a 24-Year Career is Finally Fired

An Italian school teacher who was fired for only showing up a total of 4 years out of her 24-year employment has vowed to contest her firing by the Ministry of Education. Cinzia Paolina De Lio, a secondary school teacher who specializes in history and philosophy, became famous in Italy for managing to skip work for most of her teaching career. The 52-year-old was originally terminated in 2017 after being found to be unprepared and inattentive in class, but she appealed the decision and was reinstated the following year. She continued to provide a myriad of excuses to miss work, providing documentation for over 100 absences, including maternity, breastfeeding, work-related injuries, and even providing assistance to family members. Recently, Italy’s Supreme Court decided that her original termination had been justified, especially since she has been absent for the majority of her career. It only makes sense that she was at the beach when she was notified.