McDonald’s French Fries Mystery

One Los Angeles neighborhood is trying to solve a French fry-filled mystery. Residents of Range View Avenue in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles have been plagued with an onslaught of unwanted deliveries over the past few months. Beginning in February, homes in the neighborhood have been hit with a bevy of unwanted Uber Eats deliveries. One resident received three deliveries of a single order of McDonald’s fries. Other neighbors received four McDonald’s McGriddles, an iced matcha tea latte from Starbucks, and single orders of bottled water and cartons of milk. The unwanted orders arrive in droves, with some people reporting to have received up to 40 orders, all pre-paid, with some including tips for the drivers. Many theories have erupted, including that deliveries are part of a psychological experiment being conducted by local college students, while another theory is that it’s a tactic used by criminals to confirm stolen credit card numbers. Uber Eats is currently investigating the situation. As for the residents, they’re not lovin’ it.