Are Burner Phones Really Untraceable?

We’ve heard about them in the movies and on television shows — burner phones are cheap phones that come with prepaid minutes. These phones are typically purchased by people who want to remain private or anonymous for a variety of reasons. While ordinary people buy burner phones, people engaging in illegal activities frequently buy them as well. While burner phones offer a higher level of anonymity compared to regular phones, they're not completely untraceable. They can be traced by law enforcement agencies using various methods, and these methods can reveal information regarding calls made and received, the time of day, the length of time, and the location of the calls. Of course, if you use a burner phone to log into your Facebook or Twitter account or buy something on Amazon, your anonymity is immediately blown. Burner phones are just one type of gadget that can be used to boost your cybersecurity, but they aren’t infallible.