How a Montana Principal Got Caught Up in a Loophole in the Law

When the graduating class of Conrad High School in Conrad, Montana, thought about their end-of-the-year senior prank, they decided to do something a little unorthodox — they saddled up their horses to make the 4-mile journey to class. Once there, they took advantage of an archaic law still on the books that stipulates that the principal must feed and care for the students' horses throughout the day. Principal Raymond DeBruycker was surprised by the unusual sight, but took the horseplay in stride. Rather than meting out punishment, he saw the humor in the prank and chose to honor the spirit of camaraderie and tradition. Principal DeBruycker was, however, left wondering more than whether or not riding horses to school was going to become the new tradition — he wondered just how quickly that archaic law could be removed from the books.