When You Star On “America’s Most Wanted” You Get a Paycheck and a Rap Sheet

Apparently, arrest is an occupational hazard for actors on America’s Most Wanted. Several have been cuffed after well-meaning citizens spotted them, and one actress was arrested twice in one week. She played a particularly evil nanny/housekeeper who forged her employers' checks and burned down their houses. Unfortunately for the actress, two teenagers recognized her on the street and called the police. In this particular case, a check of her Social Security number and a call to her agent straightened the whole thing out. A few days later, she was confronted and detained in a restaurant, and once again things were quickly cleared up. Actors who have been hired to play mob guys have actually received threatening phone calls from the real-life mob before the show was even taped, warning them to find another line of work. America’s Most Wanted likes to cast look-alikes and does its shooting at actual crime scenes. They contact agents in the area to find local actors who match the specs. So, if you’re an actor and you go for an audition for America’s Most Wanted, you’d better bring head shots, your AFTRA card………and perhaps a bail bondsman.