Is One Person’s Trash Really Another Person’s Treasure?

A thrifty New Yorker has divided the Internet after scooping up an $8,000 designer couch that had been discarded on the street. It was pouring down rain when Amanda Joy was walking home and spotted the couch on the street. She called her dad, begging him to come and pick up the couch, but he told her he couldn’t. To Amanda’s surprise, her father had gone and picked up the couch and taken it to his place of business, where he put it in the warehouse to check it out. Once the sofa was checked for bedbugs, it was transported to Amanda’s apartment, where she, along with her father, sister and boyfriend, thoroughly cleaned it. Amanda posted a video of the process on social media and immediate got a ton of pushback. People questioned why the blue sofa, which appears to be from interior designer Sacha Lakic’s Bubble collection, had been thrown out in the first place. Others criticized her for only carrying out one round of cleaning and didn’t have it professionally cleaned. Amanda once again took to social media, explaining that the couch was sitting in front of a “very rich building” and that “rich people throw out their furniture all the time when they get new furniture.” Amanda concluded her sofa update with a picture of how she styled it by placing pillows strategically over rips and stains the cleaning couldn’t remove, as well as a clip of the tag on the side of the sofa to prove it wasn’t a fake.