Watching Reruns of Your Favorite Shows May Improve Your Mental Health

When you really want to chill out, do you find the latest TV show, or do you enjoy watching reruns your favorite shows? If you said the latter, you might be interested in a study that says that’s good for you. Studies have shown that watching reruns your favorite shows could help improve your mental health. The warm feelings of nostalgia we experience from reruns can actually help reduce stress and anxiety. One reason reruns are so effective is the sense of familiarity they offer. When we watch a show we’ve seen before — even though we may not remember exactly what happens — the predictability creates a safe and controlled environment that allows us to relax without any surprises. One study even showed that when we watch familiar television shows, our level of cortisol (a stress hormone) decreases significantly. Our connection to familiar characters is important to the soothing power of TV nostalgia. So, the next time you want to practice self-care without leaving the couch, turn on some reruns of your favorite shows and enjoy.