These New Chocolate Truffles Are Stuffed With Velveeta Cheese

If the commercial showing a woman on a riding lawn mower while enjoying a cocktail glass filled with Velveeta cheese isn't off-putting enough, perhaps learning that a sweet treat as beloved as chocolate has been assaulted by Velveeta just might be. In partnership with Compart├ęs Chocolatier, Velveeta is introducing its latest creation: Velveeta TruffVels. The shell-shaped chocolate truffles are infused with creamy Velveeta cheese, promising a “unique sensation unlike any other.” If you happen to be a chocoholic who loves cheese — even fake cheese — you’ll likely not mind paying a whopping $24.95 for a 5-pack of the sweet and savory candies. Then again, you may be the only one in line at that window.