Man Pulled Over For DUI Blames His Dog For Driving

A Colorado man has been arrested after blaming a dog for driving over the speed limit. The incident occurred when police in Springfield, Colo., conducted a traffic stop after they witnessed a driver going 52mph in a 30mph zone. It was when the officer approached the vehicle that he witnessed something unusual. The driver attempted to switch places with his dog, who was in the passenger seat, as the police officer approached and watched the entire process. The driver then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and claimed he wasn’t driving. Police said the human driver showed clear signs of intoxication, and when the officer asked about his alcohol consumption that evening, the suspect made a run for it. He didn’t get very far, being apprehended by police about 20 yards from the vehicle. The man had been reportedly driving 90 miles from Las Animas to Pueblo and got lost in Springfield along the way. The man was subsequently medically cleared at the hospital and then booked into the Baca County Jail. Meanwhile, the dog, who pled innocent to the charges, was given to an acquaintance of the driver to take care of while he remains in jail awaiting a court date. Springfield Police Department jokingly said, “The dog doesn’t face any charges and was let go with just a warning.”