Man Claims To Have Survived On Soda Alone For the Last 17 Years

An Iranian man claims he stopped eating food one day in 2006 and has relied solely on soda for energy ever since. Gholamreza Ardeshiri claims that the mere sight of food makes him nauseous and that he has been surviving on Pepsi and Coca-Cola for the last 17 years. It all began one evening in 2006, when he woke up with a strange feeling in his mouth. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get rid of it. He consulted several doctors, but none of them were able to diagnose his condition. He was even referred to a psychiatrist, but that yielded no results as well. He finally decided to shun food completely and has been living a normal life since. He drinks 3 large bottles of soda per day, insisting that he gets all his energy from the soft drinks and never feels hungry. His family doesn’t even eat in front of him because just watching them eat makes him sick. Ardeshiri claims he lost 70 pounds in the beginning, but has had no serious health problems since that time. He says he feels more energized than ever and sleeps just 4 hours a night.