Delivery Man Stuns Customer With Perfect Performance On Her Grand Piano

Elly Bajarias grew up in the Philippines, and because his family couldn’t afford piano lessons, he taught himself how to play. For several years he played with a Hong Kong band before moving to the UK 20 years ago. Since then, he has worked as a delivery man for home shopping company ASDA. Recently, he surprised Francesca Green when he sat down at a grand piano in the hallway of her home after she invited him to play. The 54-year-old said she saw his eyes light up when he spotted the piano, and when he began to play, she was stunned. The 36-year-old delivery man began to play a passionate rendition of a song from the French film Amelie. Green said she couldn’t help but record the impromptu performance, posting it on Facebook. When the video went viral, a surprised ASDA manager said he had no idea Bajarias could play the piano. Green and Bajarias have kept in touch since the musical incident, and she expects that eventually someone will approach the delivery driver about taking on a new career.