Vietnamese Batman Fan Builds His Own Functional Batpod

A Vietnamese architecture student and diehard fan of The Dark Knight spent 6 months building his very own Batpod with the help of a team of friends. Nguyen Dac Chung was just a child when the film hit cinemas in 2008, but the movie had such an impact on him that he grew up dreaming of one day driving his own Batmobile and Batpod on the streets of his native Hanoi. His dream came true in 2020, when he built a functional replica of the Tumbler, Batman’s impressive Batmobile from the Dark Knight film series. Earlier this month, he completed his goal by unveiling the DIY Batpod as well. The 23-year-old spent an entire year collecting images of the iconic 2-wheel vehicle and brainstorming ideas with friends. He then spent 6 months putting all the parts together. The Batpod is 9 feet long, 2½ feet wide, 3 feet high, and weighs a hefty 551 pounds. It’s made mostly of iron, with a steel chassis and plastic armrests and guns. The unique feature of the Batpod is its ability to self-balance without a stand or support point. In addition, when driving the Batpod, the driver must be almost in a lying position parallel to the body of the vehicle. Chung estimates that the cost of the entire project was around $8,500, which is cheap for such a cool-looking vehicle.