The Egyptian Mau — The Cat That Looks Like a Tabby But Acts Like a Dog

The Egyptian Mau — an elegant, mid-sized cat — is the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cats. While the pattern on them is a tabby pattern — the “M” on the forehead and the stripes by their eyes and on their legs — the body has spots. In addition to their spots, Egyptian Maus are noted for their gooseberry green eye color and a striking stripe pattern around their eyes that looks like Egyptian makeup. Their rear legs are slightly longer than their front legs, and they have a flap of extra skin between their belly and hindquarters that allows them to extend themselves in a running stride faster than other domestic cats. Some Egyptian Maus have been clocked at speeds of up to 30mph, and they have excellent jumping and hunting skills. Egyptian Maus make great pets because they’re intensely loyal, but you should make sure that you introduce them slowly to other pets in the household. Egyptian Maus are said to be animals who look like cats but act like dogs, and that’s because they can be taught to do anything a dog can do. In fact, because they are easily trained, are intelligent, and have an even temperament, they are frequently used in commercials, television and movies.