The Dodgers Continue To Renew the Contract of a Retired Baseball Player To Keep Him Insured

In 2016, outfielder Andrew Toles was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, but just 2 years later the team placed him on the restricted list indefinitely, essentially retiring him. That’s because Toles is battling mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. As a result, he began showing up late to the ballpark and made mental mistakes on the field. Instead of releasing him from his contract and cutting their losses, the Dodgers kept him under contract in order to keep his medical insurance in effect. Every year, the baseball team renews Toles’ contract for $0 and keeps him on the reserves list. Toles is currently living out his life in a home next door to his father in Georgia. Even if the embattled player doesn’t remember his time as a star baseball player or even understand the game anymore, his team still has his back.