4-Year-Old's Emotional Intelligence Is Off the Charts

Some kids can surprise us with their abilities, from being precocious philosophers to musical prodigies. Whether a child’s extraordinary talents are due to “nature” or “nurture” is always a big question mark. Sometimes they even stand out from adults, which is the case with young Aldie Padernos. The 4-year-old has an uncanny ability to articulate his feelings that exceeds that of many adults. Hearing him talk calmly about his emotions and good choices is all the more remarkable. Aldie’s mother, Jonisa, says she felt Aldie was special when he began talking in full sentences at just 20 months. She went on to explain that he had no major tantrums in his toddler years because he was always able to express himself using his words. Jonisa said she started asking Aldie questions when he was very young, making sure to give him time to answer without interrupting. She asked his opinion and his feelings towards various things and never rushed him to answer. While not every child will be able to understand and articulate as clearly as Aldie did at such a young age, most kids are far more capable of understanding and processing emotions than we give them credit for.