Strangers Who Met On TikTok Married For Fun, But 2 Years Later Are Happier Than Ever

Danielle Gross, 26, from Pittsburgh, Penn., always knew she would get married, but never envisioned that she would marry someone she had never met before. No, she’s not a contestant on the wildly popular Lifetime reality series Married At First Sight. She happened to stumble across a TikTok video of Gunnar Michels, 26, saying that he was looking for a stranger to marry him. He explained that he wasn’t looking seriously for a life partner, but more to have a life experience. The pair started chatting and FaceTimed twice before Gunnar surprised Danielle by driving to Pittsburgh, getting down on one knee, and asking her to marry him. Two weeks after their first meeting, the strangers took a road trip to Las Vegas and got married on Valentine’s Day 2021. The couple admits that they had planned on divorcing a week later, but as they got to know each other, their relationship blossomed. Now, over 2 years later, the couple says their personalities complement each other in ways they couldn't have predicted and they can’t imagine spending their lives with anyone else.