Couple Takes Cabin Living to the Next Level

Living in a whimsical cabin surrounded by trees and woodland creatures might be a fairytale fantasy for many, but for one crafty couple, it’s a dream they turned into a reality. Back in 2019, Jacob and Sara Witzling revealed plans to build their own cluster of 10 artistically crafted cabins across 15 acres of land they own in the Pacific Northwest, which they would fittingly call “Cabinland.” One project involved making a fully functioning hot tub out of a repurposed 73-year-old tree stump that fell due to record rainfall. The process was extremely involved, requiring hours of cutting, drilling, sanding, digging trenches for plumbing, and building a wooden path so they could walk to the hot tub without shoes. Once they’re done using the hot tub, they attach a garden hose to the end of a drain pipe and use the remaining water for plants across the property. Of course, the piéce de rèsistance, Castle Cabin, is every bit as majestic as it sounds. The couple’s goal is to be able to rent out their creations.