America’s Most Expensive Trailer Park

When you think of a trailer park, certain images come to mind, but luxury is likely not among them. Paradise Cove Mobile Park in Malibu is the polar opposite of what you would expect from a trailer park. Located in an exclusive section of the city where oceanside mansions go for hundred of millions of dollars, Paradise Park holds 265 mobile homes across 85 acres, and celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Minnie Driver and Sarah Paulson have called it home in recent years. In the past 3 years alone, 30 trailers on the park’s grounds have sold for at least $5 million. The most expensive deal was that of the trailer that belonged to Fleetwood Mac songstress Stevie Nicks, which sold in 2016 for a whopping $5.3 million. Paradise Cove is a holdover from long before the coastal community became a jetsetters beach paradise. The park dates back to the 1950s and was generally used as temporary housing for fishermen and tourists. Over time, the mobile homes were upgraded with high-end architectural details, and some spread over as many as three tiny lots. Those who own the trailers don’t own the land on which they sit. They’re forced to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000 monthly lot rent. The park is not exclusively for celebrities — some residents, who pay an average of $300,000 for their trailers, use the park as their primary home.