The Prop Money Used To Make “Rush Hour 2” Was So Realistic That Extras Began Spending It

Rush Hour 2
is the sequel to the comedy-action film Rush Hour and the second installment starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as police detectives who investigate a murder case. When it was being filmed in 2001, producers needed many millions in 100 dollar bills, and Independent Studio Services (ISS) responded by sending the production company 14 pallets of 4’X4’ cubes of fake money. The prop money was so realistic that the Secret Service showed up with a cease-and-desist order and accused ISS of counterfeiting. Apparently, some of the movie extras had been spending the cash in the area and it was traced back to ISS. Although no one wound up going to jail, the raid cost ISS a lot of real money. Their digital files were confiscated and billions destined for a slew of movies was destroyed. The money was so realistic that one Secret Service agent said that he couldn’t tell the difference between the bogus $100 bills and the real ones.