Gordon Ramsay’s Tongue Is Insured For $10 Million

Chef Gordon Ramsay likes to stay healthy, so much so that he took out insurance on his tongue. Although it sounds strange at first, it’s understandable when you consider all of his judging roles in the TV food world. In 2023, Ramsay joined the judge’s panel of the reality show New Level Chef, which he also designed. Not only is he a judge on that show, but he’s also the judge of Hell’s Kitchen, which first aired in 2005. As if that's not enough, Ramsay has 72 restaurants scattered across the globe. Obviously, if he suffered a serious injury to his taste buds, he would be in a world of hurt. Now he doesn’t have to worry about that, as his taste buds are insured for a hefty $10 million through Lloyd’s of London. The insurance covers disease, injury, and even aging. It’s too bad a condition of his insurance policy doesn’t make it null and void if he uses the F-bomb.