Ring Doorbell Video Captures What It’s Like To Be the Default Parent

If you happen to be the default parent in your family — the parent the kids go to for literally everything — you know what it’s like to feel like you’re a single parent. If your children haven’t sought you out while you were taking a shower so you could open a pack of fruit snacks for them, then you’re not the default parent. One woman recently captured exactly what it’s like to be the default parent. Toniann Marchese went on a quick grocery run, leaving them home with their father. She just made one mistake: she didn’t tell her children. It wasn’t long after she left that her kids needed to ask her a question. What do you think they did? Do you think they went and asked their father? Nope! They did what all modern kids do……..they rang the doorbell. To Toniann’s kids, 3 and 6, that’s as good as a phone call because they have Ring doorbell video. As the video shows, both children completely ignored questions about where their dad was. The entire situation is enough to make any default parent chuckle a little…….and maybe shed a tear or two.