German Brewery Makes Beer In Powder Form and It Could Change the Industry Forever

The global beer industry is massive, but it’s also one of the least efficient industries in the world. Transporting large quantities of beer bottled in heavy glass bottles all over the world is expensive. German brewery Neuzeller Klosterbräu claims that they may have the answer to that problem, and their creation could change the beer industry forever. The brewery claims to have come up with a process to create any type of beer in powdered form, alcohol and carbonation included. All anyone has to do is add water and they’ll get a beer with the complete beer taste, including alcohol, carbon dioxide, and a head of foam. That means beer could be produced anywhere in the world and in any variety — dark beer, light beer, pale ale, etc. The brewery acknowledges that some beer drinkers will be skeptical, but emphasized that the innovative product isn’t meant to replace classic beer. It’s mainly designed as an alternative for overseas shipping. Neuzeller Klosterbräu plans to make its powdered beer commercially available this year.