How a War Created Nutella

World War II caused major changes in production and commerce all over the world. Car manufacturers were churning out weaponry and military vehicles rather than cars, clothing manufacturers were making uniforms for soldiers, and the food industry saw numerous shortages. Many crops and food sources were rationed, which caused some ingenuity in creating replacements for foods not readily available at that time. Chocolate was one product that was rationed for Italians, and when he found himself in need of chocolate for his pastry business, Pietro Ferrero — founder of Ferrero Chocolate Company — decided to create something new. Knowing that hazelnuts were plentiful, he created a hazelnut-based product that was sweet and cheaper than chocolate. It was first called “pasta gianduja” and was made into loaves to be sliced and placed between bread. He then changed the formula to a spread and created what we know today as Nutella.