Why You Should Always Call Before Booking a Hotel Room Online

Being able to do things online that once required having to make a phone call has certainly made life easier, but booking a hotel room online can cost you in the long-run. Once you get to the end of a long booking process, you might just wonder if, after all the taxes and fees, you’re not getting the best deal you could. Calling someone on the phone can help you get the best room available for what you want. Professional hotel room photos can be misleading, but speaking with a real person can help you gauge what phrases like “partial ocean view” really mean. You can also learn about last-minute openings or available upgrades due to cancellations. When you call, verify the cancellation policy, fees for pet-friendly hotel rooms, parking fees, late check-out possibilities, or exactly is the “complimentary breakfast" is. It might make you rethink your choice. With a barrage of information swarming your inbox about ways to save money on travel, booking the old-fashioned way is sometimes the best way to actually hack the system.