The Rustic Home That’s Worthy of a Stephen King Novel

A private island in Maine that could be worthy of a Stephen King novel was put on the market last summer and is now proudly owned by a woman who wants to share its majesty with the world. Billy Milliken, who had owned Duck Ledges Island since 2007, said he would only consider offers from people willing to spend at least one night alone in the small cottage that sits on the island and was originally listed for $339,000. His reasoning was that through the test he would be able to weed out those would be unlikely to properly care for the island, which is home to a bounty of wildlife. The island, which is inhospitable for man or beast between October and May due to perilous storms, would need a special kind of owner. Enter New Jersey resident Charlotte Gale, who convinced Milliken that she was worthy of becoming the next steward of Duck Ledges. Gale — a licensed therapeutic massage therapist — arrived on the island with only a backpack in hand, not intimidated one bit by having to stay on the island alone for the night. Gale not only spent the night on the island alone, she spent 3 more nights alone. Needless to say, she passed with flying colors and Milliken accepted her offer. Gale now uses the home as a summer retreat, while she cares for her elderly parents at their home the rest of the year. In the future, she plans to share her island paradise with others by hosting writing and cooking workshops there, and perhaps throwing in some massage therapy sessions.