The Healing Power of Trees

Leafy, tree-lined streets aren’t just good for property values; they may also be good for our health. According to a recent study, people who live in neighborhoods with more trees are less likely to suffer from hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. This is true across all demographic and socioeconomic groups, so even trees in a less affluent neighborhood seem to work their magic on residents. Trees no only affect people’s objective health measures, but their perceptions of their well-being. In other words, we seem to feel better around trees. While the correlation found in the study was strong, researchers still don’t know why trees make us healthier. One possibility is their ability to remove pollutants from the air. It could also be that having more trees on the street encourages people to go outside and exercise more. So, the next time you’re hunting for an apartment or a house, maybe you should count the number of trees on the block.