Data Reveals the Loneliest Cities in America

Whether it’s your neighbor, a relative, or a coworker, there’s a good chance you know someone who lives alone. In fact, more than 36 million Americans — 29% of all U.S. households — are one-person households, and the trend of living solo shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, the average age to marry was 30 for men and 28 for women, and with the Millennials choosing to remain single longer, living alone is on an upward trend. So, which cities are home to the most people who live alone? The top 5 loneliest cities are:

  1. 1. Washington, DC 
  2. 2. St. Louis, Mo. 
  3. 3. Alexandria, Va. 
  4. 4. Richmond, Va. 
  5. 5. Cincinnati, Oh. 

When it comes to the least lonely cities in America, all of the top 5 cities are in California, with Fontana apparently being the least lonely city in America.