The Women Who Have Kept a Secret For Three Decades

Somewhere in Tennessee, not far from Graceland, are 9 women who gather in darkness each day to perform a ritual they’ve been maintaining for more than 30 years. At 4 a.m. the women begin their secret mission, one that not even their husbands know about. Over the next 3 hours, the 9 women whip up hundreds of pound cakes as part of a grand scheme to help those in need. The women — whose names won’t be revealed — range in age from 54 to 72 and each one has a specific task in the baking process. Included with each fresh pound cake is a message: “Somebody loves you.” They grab a phone book, flip to a random name, and send that person a delicious pound cake to brighten their day a bit. Once the baking is finished and the cakes are ready to distribute, the women slip quietly back into their normal lives, with no one the wiser. The only witness to their activity is the mailman who picks up their packages, and for his silence he receives hugs and a bag of treats.