The Craziest Truck Ever Built

THOR 24 is a unique big rig that’s often referred to as “the most powerful big rig ever built” because of its horsepower rating: 3,974 HP. The 24-cylinder engine was built by Mike Harrah, who admits the truck is nothing short of insane. The 44-foot-long big rig is powered by two 852 cubic-inch V12 diesel engines and 12 superchargers. When it reaches its top speed of 130 mph, it requires 4 drag parachutes to be deployed out of the rear bumper to stop it. It took Harrah 7 years and thousands of hours to build, costing him over $7 million. The inside of the monster truck is just as intriguing, with a dashboard that features no less than 24 gauges, including a speedometer, tachometer, several pressure gauges, and a compressor operation indicator. The entire cabin is illuminated with LEDs. The gear shifter is shaped like a sword, and a Hawker jet helicopter engine acts as an auxiliary generator, powering features like a 40-inch television and a 1,500-watt audio system. Because the front part of the truck is so unusually long, four cameras mounted on the front bumper feed live footage to four 4X6-inch display screens mounted above the windshield so the driver can actually see in front of the rig. The two diesel engines and their accompanying superchargers can push this 32,000-pound behemoth to a top speed of 100mph, but once the built-in nitrous boost kicks in, the top speed jumps to a whopping 130mph. There are 8 nitrous oxide bottles installed between the middle bank of superchargers. In 2019, the THOR 24 truck set a new world record for the highest-priced custom vehicle ever sold when it was auctioned off for a whopping $12 million. It’s not a truck you’re going to see delivering groceries to Walmart.