Police Break Into Art Gallery To Rescue Unconscious Woman and Get a Big Surprise

Police broke down the doors of a London art gallery to save a woman slumped unconscious over a table, only to discover she was made of packing tape and foam filler. The lifeless woman they had been trying to save was, in fact, an art installation entitled “Kristina,” which is on display at the London gallery. An employee who was working at Laz Emporium in the West End that day had just locked up and gone upstairs to make a cup of tea, and when she came down, she found the door off its hinges and two confused police officers. London’s Metropolitan Police were responding to a call about a person in distress at the gallery. The person who made the call said the woman hadn't moved in nearly two hours. Officers forced entry into the gallery, where they discovered that the "woman" was actually a mannequin. The installation features a woman wearing sweatpants and a yellow hoodie, slumped face-down in a bowl of soup, her long blonde hair concealing her face. The realistic sculpture is by American artist Mark Jenkins. This is apparently not the first time the installation — which sits in the gallery window — has caused trouble. In October, paramedics were called to assist the woman.