Here’s How People From The Past Imagined The Future

Let’s face it, most people would like to see what the future holds. While that’s not really possible, it didn’t stop some people in the past from trying, often with some pretty optimistic results. When it comes to predictions of the future, it’s a hit-or-miss situation. While some people actually managed to predict it rather accurately, many of the predictions look pretty hilarious today. From rolling bakeries to luxury flying hotels, here are some pictures of future predictions of the past.


An artist’s depiction of the future, painted in 1930. It would have seemed far-fetched then, but look at the smartphones of today.

Vision of food delivery in the future. While it might not look like exactly like that today, food delivery has become pretty much a reality.

In 1960, this is what was predicted for the future in the way of transportation. This one actually came true, but while we do have self-driving cars today, they certainly don’t resemble these.

This is a 1950s prediction of a futuristic navigation system. Although we do have GPS today, it’s way more sophisticated than a map and Slide-O-Matic viewfinder combo.

This 1970s futuristic concept for jetliner air travel is way off the mark.

In 1962, artist Walter Molino gave us this idea of what human transportation would have looked like in 2022. This would have been great during the pandemic!

This is a prediction of home shopping in the future from the 1940s.

In 1956, people believed that in the future there would be a curtain of downward rushing air to act as a barrier at the entrance to stores. This is one of those predictions that actually came true.