Mystery Sound Has Been Plaguing English Village For Years

For several years now, residents of Holmfield, a village in Yorkshire, England, have been plagued by a mysterious hum, the source of which has yet to be discovered. Not everyone can hear it, but those who do claim it has seriously impacted their lives. Local authorities carried out an investigation and also hired an independent consultant to get to the bottom of the mystery, but their efforts have so far been in vain. Residents who can hear the hum describe it as the whirring of a washing machine or an idling diesel engine. While it’s not seen as the most annoying sound in the world, it has taken a toll on residents’ mental health and well-being. It interferes with their sleep, alters their mood, and some claim to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown because of it. Some residents report that it resonates on their eardrums and feels like a pressure against them. Those bothered the most have even considered moving. The possible sources include industrial activity, water running through mains, a transformer, and a telegraph pole. All have been investigated and found not to be the source of the monotonous hum. Residents say they aren’t giving up and won’t stop demanding answers until the torturous hum is identified.