“Great British Bake Off” Judge Says He Can’t Handle American Portion Sizes

The United States might be a little too sweet for Paul Hollywood, a judge on the TV series Great British Bake Off. The 56-year-old revealed that his only gripe with America’s culinary scene is how it differs from the UK when it comes to his sweet tooth. While Hollywood says American desserts are a little sweeter than their British counterparts, it’s the portion sizes that turn him off. The history of American baking has its original roots somewhere in Europe, but has changed over the years and been passed down through generations. According to culinary experts, the main reason American food portions are so big is because Europeans and Americans have a different approach to food. The quality of food is much higher in Europe and more care is given to preparation. These two elements are integral to the dish served and are more important than volume. Americans, it appears, are more concerned about getting their money’s worth. Aside from portion sizes, Hollywood has also expressed his distaste for tea in America. “I find it distressing that it’s almost impossible to get milk for tea. You might get half-and-half, but you’re mostly offered creamer.” To get his point across to American servers, Hollywood says he tells them: “Milk out of a cow is what I want!” The Great American Baking Show will premiere on the Roku Channel at some point in 2023, but no date has been set yet.