Icelandic Architects Decide To Spruce Up Electricity Pylons

Electricity pylons are used to support electrical cables that transmit high-voltage electricity from where it’s generated to our homes and businesses. For the most part, the triangular towers are nondescript as they dot the landscape. That’s why Icelandic architects decided to brighten up the ugly utilities that stretch across Iceland’s immense volcanic landscape. Making only minor alterations to the well-established steel-framed tower design, Choi+Shine Architects created a series of towers that have been molded into various postures to express a mood to fit in with their surroundings. As the carried electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon-figures change posture, imitating a climbing person. Over long spans, they stretch to gain increased height, crouch for increased strength, or strain under the weight of the wires. The figures take on a quiet authority, belonging to their landscape, yet serving the people.