Why the Military Uses a Sword To Cut Cakes

The U.S. Military has a rich history of tradition, but there’s one tradition that not many people know about. Anytime there’s a cake cutting ceremony, the swords come out. Unit commanders decide how their cake cutting ceremonies are handled. Sometimes, the commander cuts the cake, but traditionally the oldest and youngest soldiers in the command are chosen to help cut the cake. It’s a reminder of the generations who have served to keep America strong and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while bridging the gap from the oldest to youngest soldiers. It’s a way to look at their past and thank those who have served and those who will follow in their footsteps. Swords are commonly used to cut birthday cakes, cakes celebrating military milestones, and when a soldier gets married, you can bet the wedding cake will be sliced with a sword. In addition, the sabers are held high for the couple to walk through.