Subway Plans To Sell Sandwiches Via “Smart Fridges”

Who doesn’t love a good Subway sandwich? Now you’ll be able to get your hands on your favorite sub — vending machine style. As part of a new platform called Grab & Go, the sandwich giant plans to expand to non-traditional locations like airports, truck stops, college campuses, convenience stores, and hospitals. What makes Subway’s vending machines different is that they’re “smart.” Artificial intelligence-driven, they’re one-stop shops you can ask directly about any of its product offerings. Transactions are cashless, sandwiches are restocked each day by a nearby location to ensure freshness, and after each purchase a UV-C light is used to keep things sanitized. University of San Diego was the first to experience the brands interactive smart fridge in September, and the feedback has been extremely positive. The Subway Grab & Go smart fridge is available in 400 locations across the country.