Horse Kicks: The $1,200 Sneakers For Horses

Horse Kicks are just what they sound like — sneakers for horses. Created from popular human models like Air Jordan and NewBalance, which sell for at least $1,200. With few exceptions, horseshoes have remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, but that’s about to change. That’s because sneaker customizing expert Marcus Floyd has created several styles of equine sneakers that retain the elements that normally make brands like Air Jordan and NewBalance stand out. At the same time, these are essentially horseshoes, so they also meet the unique ergonomics of horse hooves. Beginning October 24th, custom Horse Kicks will be available for order through the company’s website, with prices starting at an eye-watering $1,200…..per foot. That means that to outfit your horse in the latest sneakers, you’re going to be shelling out a whopping $4,800. Then again, if you can afford a horse…….