Bourbon-Flavored Dr. Pepper Comes With One String Attached

For those who want all the taste of a spiked soda with none of the booze, Dr. Pepper has you covered. Dr. Pepper has released an ultra-limited flavor called the Fansville Reserve — a nod to its support of college football. It’s a bourbon-flavored Dr. Pepper, minus the alcohol, that comes in a silver can with an old-time label the likes of which you would see on a bottle of Woodford Reserve brand bourbon. It’s described as having notes of oak, vanilla, honey and cherry. To snag a sample of Fansville Reserve, you have to sign up for Dr. Pepper’s “Pepper Perks” program. Once you sign up and log in, you must play a scratch-off game through the Perks website for a chance to win some Fansville. You can play daily throughout the promotion. Dr. Pepper has confirmed that there are no plans to make the bourbon-flavored soda a wider release, so don’t expect to see it in stores. The promotion continues until November 17th, so you still have lots of time to try and score a free sample through the website.