Fox Financial Expert Blames Inflation For His $28 Taco Bell Order

In a recent Twitter post, Fox Business contributor Scott Martin used his $28 Taco Bell order as an example of just how bad inflation has gotten. The admission immediately came under scrutiny, as he was asked in disbelief if he had spent that much on just himself. While it’s true that inflation has been a hot topic of late — with everything from food to gas prices soaring — Twitter users still found it hard to believe that a single Taco Bell order now costs $28. So what bang did Martin get for his bucks? He ordered a Burrito Supreme ($6.09), Nachos BellGrande ($7.14), a Nacho Cheese Doritos Supreme ($3.19), a Doritos Cheese Gordita Crunch ($5.19) and a large Mountain Dew Baja Blast ($3.79) — add on the tax and you’ve got yourself a $28 order. Here are some of the comments the post garnered. 


After all the hoopla the tweet generated, one has to ask the question: Wouldn't it have been cheaper to grab a Big Mac, a large fries and a large Coke? That would only have set Martin back $12.18.