Would You Go On a Vacation With An Unknown Destination?

Everybody looks forward to vacation, but would you be excited about going to a destination that was picked for you by someone else? That’s exactly what travel agency Pack Up and Go does. They specialize in surprise vacations, offering plane, train, and road trip options at various budgets. Unfortunately, they only offer travel within the U.S. You simply choose a budget for your trip, fill out a survey with your travel preferences, and choose the dates you would like to go on your trip. While they specialize in 3-day weekend getaways, they will also plan longer vacations if you choose. You have to choose dates that are at least a month out so the company has time to plan. Survey questions include time restrictions on flights or train departure and arrival times, airport preference, the last trips you’ve taken, places you’ve lived (so you don’t get sent somewhere you’re familiar with), the type of travel you prefer (action, relaxation, culture), hobbies and interests, dietary restrictions, and whether you’re celebrating anything. A week before your trip, you’ll receive an email with a weather forecast for your destination so you can pack the proper clothing. You’ll also receive a package in the mail with all of your trip details. To have the best surprise, you’re encouraged not to open the package until you’re ready to leave. Plane/train getaways start at $650 per person for a multi-person trip, or $1,000 for a solo trip, while road trips start at $400 per night.