The FDA Puts the Skids on One Shop’s Extreme Donuts

Artisanal donut shops are firing up their fryers across the country, vying for top billing. Touting the highest-quality ingredients and hand-forged production, they’ve done what no Krispy Kreme executive could have anticipated: donuts have gone extreme. Forget toppings like sprinkles — now there’s habanero pepper jelly with cream cheese, and peanut butter glaze with bacon and banana. However, Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Ore., invited controversy recently with two of their unorthodox donut creations. The Pepto Bismol was dipped in the medicine, sprinkled with crushed Tums, and came with a side cup of Pepto. The chalky pink donut was supposedly geared toward the late night crowed who needed a pick-me-up after drinking. The NyQuil glazed donut was laced with the cough medicine and included a cup of the green liquid in the donut hole. The FDA quickly stepped in, scolding the donut-maker for putting medicine in food and promptly instructed them to halt production of the medicinal pastries. There’s still plenty of crazy concoctions on Voodoo’s menu, though, including the Grape Ape, a raised ring with vanilla frosting, grape dust, and purple sprinkles; the Maple Blazer Blunt, a raised cigar-shaped donut dusted with cinnamon sugar, maple frosting, and red sprinkle embers; and the Ring of fire, a devil’s food cake donut with cinnamon sugar, cayenne pepper, and a dried red chili pepper.