The Golden Years: Is a Holiday Inn Cheaper Than a Nursing Home?

There are a lot of financial and logistical issues that come with advancing age, but perhaps there’s a more economically sound alternative to assisted living. Rather than a nursing home, why not live at an extended stay Holiday Inn? Here’s the theory: If you assume an average daily cost of $188 for a nursing home, the $59 nightly rate for seniors at a Holiday Inn compares pretty favorably. The rate includes housekeeping services, free continental breakfast, complimentary toiletries, phone service, exercise equipment, satellite TV, and laundry. Socializing is available via lobbies or bar happy hours. There are obviously some gaps in such logic, specifically the idea that a hotel isn't equipped to monitor and care for elderly occupants with the same qualifications as staff in a nursing home or assisted-living facility. A maid can change the bedding, but is unlikely to assist with bathroom needs or helping physically compromised patients get around. Then again, for those without such needs, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds. People on a fixed income, such as Social Security, might find good reason to consolidate housing costs in an extended-stay environment.