Potato Chip Maker Launches Finger Washing Machine

Let’s face it, there are few things in the world more addictive than potato chips. Unfortunately, the downside to eating them is the grease they leave on your fingers. While there are options — like licking the grease off your fingers, making sure you have napkins on hand, or getting up from the couch to go wash your hands — wouldn’t you prefer to just slip your fingers into a miniature washing machine? Well, now you can. Lays, one of the top-selling potato chip makers, has launched a miniature finger washer. All you have to do is press the on button, slip your greasy fingers into the machine through the door, and wait for the magic to happen. While it’s not as advanced as a modern washing machine, the miniature lookalike features a clever induction system that sprays atomized alcohol when it detects your fingers inside the machine. The alcohol comes from a refillable tank at the bottom of the mini washing machine. The machine is 6 inches high and 4½ inches wide and features a USB charging port. If you think you might get your hands on one of the grease-removing machines, you’ve got about the same chance as winning the lottery. Lays is only making five machines available through a special lottery, and if you don't live in Japan, you might just want to stock up on napkins.